Keep It Simple and Communicate

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Here is a story I read about Albert Einstein:

Einstein attended a lecture by a professor, along with a lot of other people. The professor made the subject so complex, Einstein believed the audience needed to be enlightened by presenting it more simply. So he went onto the platform and explained in simple terms what the professor had tried to convey.

We block the understanding of others with the use of the wrong words. Why does this happen?:

Pride is the first reason.

Whether writing or speaking, we exhibit the wrong kind of pride when big words are used, the audience may not understand. Consequently, they may be trying to figure out what was just said, while we have perhaps gone on to the next point. A good communicator analyzes their potential audience and crafts what is being said accordingly.

Someone I knew did this when he spoke in presentations, and wouldn’t take advice to the contrary. He seemed to think it was the “job” of the audience to be intellectual enough to understand what he was saying. I responded, “Not if you want to communicate.”

Communicating effectively is not about “dumbing down” what we are trying to get across to our listeners. Neither is it about being uncomfortable using a vocabulary we are unfamiliar with.

The second reason: Vocabulary is a tool.

A rock sculptor uses different chisels to cut away the desired amount of rock. A wide one would not be appropriate to remove a narrow amount of the surface he is working on, and vice-versa.

A good teacher would not use technical words to help her kindergarten class to learn a scientific concept. She would use appropriate language to help her students understand.

Jesus taught mostly common laborers, farmers, and fishermen. He did not use lofty theological examples that none of them could comprehend. He used stories, called parables, that contained deep meanings, but said in a simple way.

Vocabulary is a tool we must use wisely. We can put countless hours in researching and writing and presenting what we have to offer as a writer or speaker. There may be only one chance to make a good impression before we lose a person forever as a reader, listener, and supporter. Do we dare to take the chance we may offend them or leave them with little understanding of what we said in whatever medium of contact?

I recently found a story about Albert Einstein that fits perfectly in this article. Much can be learned from him if you will study what he said and did. I believe you will have more friends and followers if you learn to speak and write simply so you can be understood.

Step by step instructions to Preserve Family Memories

Saving family recollections can be an extremely valuable blessing.
Well ordered guidelines to Preserve Family MemoriesThanks to our propelling innovation, office wrongdoing is on the ascent, yet there are the individuals who lean toward the straightforwardness of reporting 101 from the 80’s, in this manner, duplicate and sticking! Indeed, one Michigan man was so sharp; he physically taped a mark on records and stole nearly $500,000! As indicated by the F.B.I. reports, the misfortunes from cushy wrongdoing to the US surpass $300 billion every year. More significant is the measure of kids and families that are dislodged, left to adapt and get pieces, or maybe proceed to disintegrate and fall in a descending winding never to recapture upward force again.

The F.B.I. bounced right in and additionally the SEC and obviously, records were seized and a vocation was lost. With offspring of ages over two and not in any case one, in excess of one life was broken. The impacts of limited’s shortcoming extended over the miles and into the homes and hearts of numerous individuals. Maybe the most experienced criminal lawyer spared some humiliating minutes (no press, no cuffs); be that as it may, the focuses still include a similar path with stringent condemning rules. It took two years to process the case and the sentence conveyed was 30 months, yet did not come until the most fitting day for this family that put such a great amount of trust in their faith….Ash Wednesday, 2004, running pair to the opening of the Passion of the Christ.

Curiously enough, for this situation, Dad chose to submit wire misrepresentation while his significant other, at the time, was pregnant with their second tyke and they had quite recently moved into their fantasy home in the wake of scaling the difficult company pecking order! Numerous sessions of treatment were handled and demonstrated useful to all, yet would never set up the family for the years ahead. Ideally this will reveal some insight in the matter of how to keep up associations with the kids deserted in comparable cases.

The most recent couple of months were a period of family holding. A period where nothing else made a difference aside from making recollections and loving each waking minute. Maybe this is the means by which we should all experience our lives whether a relative is taking off to jail or not! Exceptional occasions were arranged, for example, outings to the Toledo Zoo and Mackinac Island, and additionally supper with a Catholic minister and just loads of family fun! In the event that there was ever a period of peace in our lives this was it, for the future held much turmoil.

D-day was August 24, 2004, and the discharge day, however undetermined for a long while, came to be August 14, 2006. For whatever length of time that Daddy did not get tossed into the “opening” he could get a diminished sentence for good conduct. The youngsters had developed and were told Daddy was “going to class”! Too little to understand reality, that appeared to be best for a three and five-year-old.